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Affordable Chiropractic Apps for Your Practice Which Increase Patient Retention and Income.

Mobile applications and transforming the way businesses communicate with perspective customers and your practice is no different. Our Chiropractic apps allow for two way communication between your practice and the patient.

Our proven technology provides for seamless integration and can have you into the digital age, beating your competitors and making your patients experience with your office more friendly. Here are just some of the features:

Our Chiropractic Smartphone Apps Feature:

Allows your patient to request a time, date and specific service from your Clinic. Whether it be a new patient appointment, massage appointment or a DOT physical; the service requests are only limited to your clinics offering.

One touch button allows for an immediate connection to your clinics website.

One touch access directly to your clinics front desk appointment scheduler.

Patients can review your employees and become familiar with your techniques and highlight your staffs’ experience.

Geo-mapping allows for directions from the app users location direct to your clinic.

A hidden feature in the app; when a 1G change in direction is noted while the app is open, it will sound an alarm and produce strobe light patterns, asking the user if they have been involved in a car accident and do they need help. If they report "YES", 911 is automatically dialed.

Have your patients been involved in an accident? This feature allows them to create a narrative of the accident complete with pictures of their car and the other vehicle involved. It also allows for voice recording of witness statements which are then sent directly to you.

Keep in touch with your users through social media. Regardless of what social media you use, Face Book, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Clinic Blogs, Pinterest, Linked In, etc, communicate with your patients on the platforms they use.

Do you have a vacancy in your schedule and want to fill it? Send notifications to app users that last minute space is available. Use the push technology to notice your users of changes in your social media blogs, etc. Maintain and encourage engagement with your users.

Patients can pay their bill through a secured connection and have the funds directly deposited to your bank account.